Why Celerant Capital

Celerant Capital is an operationally oriented independent sponsor group focused on acquiring and managing middle market companies in food and food-related markets. Celerant Capital is your partner to accelerate growth. Through hands-on engagement with existing leadership teams, we work to improve operations, go to market more effectively, and acquire other companies with complementary capabilities or channel penetration.

Operationally Driven

Celerant Capital is an operationally focused company that works deeply with leadership teams to develop and foster culture that facilitates improvement and growth.

Exclusively Focused

Celerant Capital targets middle market food companies where we can utilize our extensive industry expertise to drive rapid growth and improve profitability.

Highly Experienced

Celerant Capital is comprised of a diverse, well-networked group that adds significant value to the due diligence, investment and management process.

Our Focus

Celerant Capital targets established middle market companies across the food supply chain.

Investment Criteria
  • Established businesses with revenue between $50 million and $1 billion
  • Financial or operational control-oriented investments
  • Privately owned (including family businesses), corporate divestitures, public-to-private transactions and bankruptcies where appropriate
  • Undervalued, underperforming or in need of operational improvement
Who We Help

Celerant Capital works with privately owned businesses, including family businesses, corporations and private equity firms.

Our Experience

Celerant Capital provides the perfect combination of highly experienced private equity investors with operational and financial performance improvement consultants.

Successful Track Record

Celerant Capital is managed by an experienced deal team with a successful track record. The managing partners have invested across many food market verticals, various situations/stages, and across market cycles.

Extensive Portfolio

Ameriqual Group, Carolina Dairy, ThermoPac, and Wright Foods are just a few of the middle market food and food-related companies we have helped grow over the years.